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2 definitions by jaydon the don

Phrase used to dismiss someone's place in a conversation. Telling someone to fuck their money is like saying their entire net worth as a human being is being disregarded because of something they have said.
Magz:Yo son you heard that new shiest bub album?

Jaydon:Nigga fuck your money there aint no such thing as a shiest bib album.

Magz:No you're right.
by jaydon the don June 30, 2008
25 7
Refers to the act of jocking on someone from a distance. One would sniper jock someone in the early stages of jocking, if any thing ever comes of it.
Jaydon: CJ, that girl is sniper jocking you.

CJ: Die in a fire.

Jaydon: Nice.
by jaydon the don August 22, 2008
11 1