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3 definitions by jayden

A wealthy and powerful businessperson or industrialist; a magnate.
tycoonin' it... boss ballin' it...
by jayden February 17, 2005
The compounding of "Be quiet" and "Shush", normally used when you really want a person to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!. For more oomph, the word "a" is put in front of it.
"BeShush damn you, your so annoyin'!"
"I said a BeShush!!!!!"
by Jayden November 03, 2003
Mr. Jiggledaddy, Rumple foreskin, the one-eyed monster, your COCK!!!!!! (Can also be used as an insult to describe a dumbass.)
"Hey baby, wanna ride my shmackel?"
"Look at that shmackel there, what a dumb ass"
by Jayden November 02, 2003