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The only fun thing to do in this town of less than 3,000 people ( 2,900 of which attend messiah) is leave it. If you're looking for cultural diversity look elsewhere - the only two black people that attend this school are on the front page of our admissions pamphlet. At this small central PA school... athletics dominate the social atmosphere. If you're not an athlete or an athletic supporter, you're a nobody. If you slack on church attendance there's no doubt that you will one day find yourself at the cafateria on a sunday morning in your pajamas taking the lottie walk of shame.If you're looking to get married before you're legally able to drink, you've found the right college for you. Between the wide selection of good looking people and the engaged couples counseling emails recieved by the entire campus weekly, you're bound to have a ring by spring. If you're looking to party.. you're in luck, there's a anonymous partying crew somewhere on campus consisting of the same 20 people. Despite these shortcomings, the campus is gorgeous and so are a lot of the people.
by jaycat February 10, 2006

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