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3 definitions by jaybah

a very sped up version of the word "yeah." You can also add a lot of a's to it to make it sound like wheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...it was made up by matt and jay by a yack back thing...its bah
Matt: Wheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jay: Haha

Matt: Is it whea?
Jay: Sure
by jaybah May 26, 2006
6 3
one of the 2 exceptions to the H language...it should be spelled hootball... but its spelled hoothall for some reasons we dont wanna reveal
Matt: jay, wanna throw around the hoothall?
by jaybah May 27, 2006
1 0
A language that consits of speaking every word with an H replacing the first letter of each word...the exceptions are: hoothall= football, it should be hootball and woodhip=woodchip, it should be hoodchip... founded by matt and jay
Example 1:

Jay: Matt, are you getting barbeque chips?

In the H language: Hatt, hare hou hetting harbeque hips?
by jaybah May 27, 2006
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