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a female who appears to match a set of characteristics including: trashy, often inappropriately tight dress (with or without pudge overflowing waistband); eyebrows shaved and penciled back on in dramatic fashion; heavy, mostly monotonic makeup with dark lipstick; large, gaudy, costume-grade jewlery. Frequently accompanied by multiple children from different fathers (see baby-daddy).
"Damn, did you Estela's sister at the sideshow last night? Sportin' a camel toe through her jeans, cornrows, you know she's a straight-up hoochie"
by Jay-dub May 19, 2004
l337 speak for "you". Origin includes identification with Puerto-rican pronunciation of the word, for whatever reason. May be due to West Side Story's influence.
Yeah, whatever - its too cool for j00 anyway.
by Jay-dub October 26, 2003
Person who takes no pleasure in life, merely lives to work, or study.
Frat Boy1: Damn, is that not a vision of hotness?
Frat Boy2: Nah, she's a grind. Spends all her time at the UC with her nose in a book.
by jay-dub October 22, 2003
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