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388 definitions by jay

Greatest of insults. Usable at any time!
J:you're an ass!
A:Yea well... so's your face

G:you arse licker
A:Yea well... so's your face
by Jay December 29, 2003
250 103
when a woman lies on her stomach at the top of stairs and the man sticks his penis in her asshole and rides her down the stairs
Wendy got a black eye from the tobogan last night
by Jay February 02, 2004
257 116
When you want to do something, but it'd be a pain in the ass because of many complications.
I'd love to kill my boss, but there'd be too much red tape involved
by Jay February 13, 2004
201 61
A region which contains cities from the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Also known as the I.E
The Inland Empire is between L.A. County and San Bernardino County.
by Jay March 07, 2005
200 75
Extremely sexy man with a sick-arse gorgeous voice. Look at his dress sense. Now look at yours. Brilliant.
He will rock your fucking balls off.
by Jay December 17, 2003
149 25
the area where a person washes dishes. Particularly in a restaraunt setting.
Hey, get back to the dish pit and wash your dishes.
by Jay December 03, 2003
128 11
One of the new teletubbies with a awesome body and a bottle of hennessy and a bag of weed and some blunts
by Jay September 14, 2004
402 288