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A Navy acronym (Lazy, Inefficient Fucker Expecting Retirement) used to describe someone who does as little as humanly possible and is just waiting to collect his or her pension.
"That O'Hara is such a fucking lifer. He's so lazy, I bet it's an effort for him to turn in his sleep. Jesus! That fucker moves so slowly you have to look twice just to see if he's moving at all!"

"You're telling me. I heard he's so lazy he married a woman who was pregnant by someone else."
by Jay E. Griffin April 05, 2008
The freakishly large inner labia of a woman's vagina after it has seen extensive abuse. It sometimes resembles two slices of medium-rare roast beef.
Farrah's dungeon master pierced her roast beef curtains with a rusty fish hook.
by Jay E. Griffin April 01, 2008
one who has sexual relations with a retarded person.
Did you hear that Scotty lost his job last week at the group home for being a tard tapper? They are thinking about filing charges against him.
by Jay E. Griffin March 31, 2008
A blood clot, resembling a pitted cherry, that sometimes is discharged during a women's menstrual period.
When Sam was earning his red wings, he got a bonus; he found a pussy booger.
by Jay E. Griffin April 02, 2008
A Navy term used to describe someone who works either in the Fireroom (boiler room) or the Engineroom. (See also "pit snipe".)
I'm a hole snipe and damn proud of it!
by Jay E. Griffin April 04, 2008
A Navy term used to describe one who holds a job in the engineering ratings.
We red stripers are the TRUE sailors. Those white stripers are nothing but a bunch of passengers.
by Jay E. Griffin April 04, 2008
The part of the abdomen that pooches out over the vaginal area after a woman has experienced childbirth. (See also "peter belly")
Sally's vagomach was so large, it hung to her knees.
by Jay E. Griffin April 01, 2008
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