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to do away with or put an end to.
Rubicon_Cube: "My friend, in the struggle for revolution and the squashment of racism, there will not be..."

Jaxmeov: "'Squashment?' Is that even a word?!? And to think I almost missed that one today! Don't be surprised to see this one featured on urbandictionary.com really soon. No worries though, Cuber, I will try to give you the proper credit...I may be a lot of things, but a plagiarist is not one of them."
by Jaxmeov September 17, 2009

An abbreviation, similar to LMFAO, to let others know you found something to be so funny it brought tears to your eyes.
That video you sent me was so funny, it brought T.I.M.E. I am still LMFAO!!! Send me another video when you can, OK?
by jaxmeov May 19, 2009
to almost do away with, or almost put an end to. Quite similar to the word "squashment," just not rising to the same level of severity.
The investigative reporter, by getting pinned to the gate while filming the drug lord's van enter the compound, was lucky she only suffered a little squishment when the driver stopped in the nick of time when she screamed, then backing up...another two or three feet or so, and that reporter would have been yet another example of squashment.
by jaxmeov November 01, 2009

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