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4 definitions by javi chi

the leader of the javi chi archers army...he also teaches the art of kong fu javi chi
i am the javi chi!bwahahahahaha
by javi chi April 24, 2005
Demonic terds that come from darkness,no one seems to know their true origin,some say,that they came from people's minds,others say,that they came whenever an old lady drank radio active material releasing demonic looking flying terds to haunt people
im going to send the demonterds after yoooo!!!!!
by javi chi September 13, 2005
a noun that went pro.
oh my gosh look at that pronoun!!!
by javi chi April 24, 2005
a very blueish colored bush that everyone eats
this zine tastes sooo good! I WANT MORE!!!!!
by javi chi April 16, 2005