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When one looks over his glasses at another person to show that he is really LOOKING at that person, and usually connoting disappointment or skepticism. Classicly employed by Lester Freamon on THE WIRE when the brass tries to interfere with one of his investigations.
"Don't be giving me that over the glasses look, I promise I'll never gamble again!"
by jatty July 06, 2009
That kid in class who never will amount/has amounted to anything.

Sometimes used to make a play on "served as an example," "make an example of," and other idiomatic phrases that use the word "example".
guy 1: hey, is your bro's fulltime job still sitting on the coach?

guy2: yea, he's an example alright.

Lunch lady: (To student) Here you go, son. (Loud whispered to other lunch lady) Example, served.

Student: What was that?
by jatty July 06, 2009
Used when a guy is acting like such a pussy that an imaginary or spiritual tit is assumed to be attached and wrongfully employed by his mouth. Perhaps even a specific phantom tit, such as that of a mother or gf.
Coach: Hey, Jimmy, it's okay you struck out. Stop your crying. Just remember next time, detach tit. Then bat.

Guy1: Marjorie wants me to help pick between mauve and fuschia for the dining room.

Guy2: Detach tit before speaking, man.
by jatty July 06, 2009
1. A grumpy person 2. Totally lame.
1. Did you hear Denise whining about her hair? She's a total grumper.

2. No more pudding cups? Grumper!
by jatty July 19, 2009
A lady's special place
Keep your hands off my dainty, creep!
by jatty January 05, 2010
To be a victim of the spin machine/s or spin doctor/s. To be caught up in the web of mass media-generated misinformation and lies.
"I even thought there were WMDs in iraq when we invaded. Man, I was so spun."
by jatty July 06, 2009

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