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stupid man-whore with a strap on dick.
he has a great personality, but not for a human being.
he has looks like an angel that fell from heaven... and smacked his face on thee pavement.
he doesn't need to try any harder. people couldn't like him any less. quite frankly he needs to grow some balls, andd get some basketball lessons. he sucks ass at basketball.
he looks like bugs bunnyy, and has a unibrow that has fungi in the middle. pimple, but fungi in his case. really, i wouldn't waste my time on him. he's not even worth the bag of shitt that he iss.
old classmate: robert?

robert rickert: yeaah soonn. thats mee:]

old classmate: Put a condom on you head because if your gonna act like a dick you might as well dress like one.

robert rickert: waaah! waaaah!
by jaszo July 19, 2009

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