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the act of risking or attempting to contract stis usually HIV, deliberately for a sexual thrill. Term comes originally from gay community, but now can be male or female, hetero gay or bi. Often linked with condom rouletteOften participated in by men using their wives as proxy.
My wife is out bugchasing, and I hope she comes home riddled with AIDS.
by jasonvalentine March 15, 2008
sexual risk game, usually played by swinging couples. involves woman having sex with multiple partners, each using a condom selected randomly from a pool, the twist being that some of the condoms have been deliberately sabotaged to split, the woman being supposedly not on the pill and thereforer unprotected Sometimes played by bugchasing couples for a different effect.
My wife attended a condom roulette party last night, and two split on her. We are waiting to see if she is pregnant.
by jasonvalentine April 04, 2008
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