17 definitions by jasom

When a guy releases his load into a girls buns.
Last night I was doing a chick in the ass and created the best sperm burger ever.
by jasom February 09, 2004
A bar of soap with an over abundance of pubic hair on it.
We found a bar of pube soap in the shower.
by jasom February 09, 2004
A penis that everyone makes fun of.
When he whipped out his weiner, everyone laughed at his riddledick.
by jasom February 09, 2004
A word decribing decrepit teeth that is derived from the fact that Earl is a common name for a homeless person. (Homeless people usually have bad teeth and are named Earl)
When the girl made eye contact with me I thought she was pretty hot until she smilled and I realized she had earlteeth.
by jasom February 09, 2004
Perfectly spherical pieces of shit.
Some A-hole forgot to flush and left two burshapples in the toilet.
by jasom February 09, 2004
1)The act of eating a Spermburger. (see spermburger)

2)When someone gives a rim job after busting in a girl's ass.
My friend gave a girl a Dirty Mcdonald.
by jasom February 09, 2004
A lump on one's scrotum
That dude has a teetle on his sac.
by jasom February 09, 2004

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