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verb. A tragically beautiful combination of masturbating while raging.
The moment I saw Brie Larson go down to her underwears in the funny short "The Babysitter" I unsurprisingly felt the need to fap, however it was with an overwhelming urge to punch myself in the nards with rage for I knew I couldn't ever bang her. I wanted to rageurbate. So I did and I feel better.
by jasian523 September 23, 2010
a replacement bro
When my main bro Drew left for Japan, JJ became a suitable broplacement.
by jasian523 January 07, 2010
Combining the word OWN with the popular warcraft III mod game DOTA.
I <3 dota! It owns! DOwnTA!
by jasian523 April 14, 2010
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