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1 definition by jaselol

To beans out is to;

a) mistype/misspell/misinterpret any english or other language within any form of electronic communication. eg. email, sms, facebook, telegraph etc
b) completely miss (ie. oblivious to) a significant topic of discussion within the emails
c) unleash an inner against towards any and all females after * amount of alcohol
d) turn rabid at the potential for any kind of female sexual activity (eg. to howl like a wolf when a car of girls flashing drives past you on the way home from the cricket)
e) spiral into a frenzy/uncontrollable rage/fit at the possibility of spiderhole action
f) all of the above
- Fucking wow, Oli, beans out harder cunt.
- You totally beans'd that, cunt.
- Yeah, he's been beansing out all week.
by jaselol January 14, 2010