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7 definitions by jariki

Acronym for Early Decleration of Love

When one of the two people that are in a relationship tells the other that they love them after they've only been dating for a short time and the other person doesn't say it back.
Guy 1: I told my girlfriend that I loved her last night and she just said that she loves spending time with me

Guy 2: Ah man, you you've just suffered an EDL
by jariki August 04, 2009
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An insult used to offend adopted child or orphan.

Taken from the film There Will Be Blood when Daniel yells it to his adopted son.
You're not my son, you're just a bastard from a basket
by jariki August 12, 2010
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Charming. Inspired by the rebrand of the toilet paper company which changed its name from "Charmin" to the new name "Cushelle".

Can be used sarcastically or otherwise.
Guy: "I want to be on you"
Girl: "Well aren't you cushelle"

"I love that guy, he's so cushelle"
by jariki August 25, 2010
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The slightly sickening feeling that comes shortly after being hit or kicked in the balls. At first the blow may not seem too bad but then you feel the effects in the pit of your stomach.
After-tap can occur up to 1 minute after the initial sack tap or bell tap.
"Ah man I thought the worst was over but now comes the after-tap!"

or, following an attempted sack tap

"Aha, you didn't get me that badly... oh shit wait, here's the after-tap"
by jariki November 30, 2009
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An acronym for: I've Known You Since Pre-School.

Pronounced 'icky-sips' , can be used if you wish to obtain something from someone to whom it applies. This could be a material object, food, knowledge or being told a secret or embarrassing information.
"Can I have one of your cookies?"
"Ah man, I just gave a load away!"
"Come on, IKYSPS"

"What did she tell you?"
"I can't tell you man sorry"
"Dude, IKYSPS"
by jariki November 16, 2011
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Another way of saying in "ear-shot".

Used, and possibly created, by Mike Skinner on 'The Sherry End' by The Streets.
"I can't believe I was talking about him while he was in ear splash!"


"If it's got a funny story which mentions me. It's not for others in ear splash"

From The Sherry End
by jariki December 06, 2009
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A party where the chick/bro ratio is very high, with around 50 or more girls per guy.
In Chicklandia a guy has a very high chance of getting some action.
This party is awesome. There are so many girls, I'm in Chicklandia!
by jariki August 12, 2010
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