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a poop or a turd.. aka a kenny. usually large although sometimes not so much
"Man I just dropped a huge bob barker in that bowl. It was sorta black, what does that mean?"

"I think it means your stomach's bleeding, that's weird. Anyway yeah i took a bob barker and it hurt man."

that sucks.
by jarchrist November 14, 2007
a synonym for the the word fuck, but only in situations where fuck is an exclamation.

it may be used as an adjective, but not as a word ending in -ing.
"ahhh damnit god john stamos i just got my mom pregnant"

"really man, that's sick."

"yeah i know john stamos made me do it"

"oh john stamos john stamos john stamos i think i got my mom pregnant too this is crazy."

"ahhhh john stamos dude! oh no just wait, it's cool, our moms are hot"

"yes it is fine then"
by jarchrist November 14, 2007
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