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Mongrel is defined as mixed ancestry. Vagina Mongrel is defined as a vagina used up by many different races of cock. They are experts when it comes to crime scene investigations by tasting dried semen off of the floor to identify the origin of the specimen. Vagina Mongrels often find unsuspecting males of the preteen age range. They lure them in with promises of popsicles and candy. Vagina Mongrels originate from French Canadia and have been rejected by all surrounding areas due to the high risk of catching the Vagina Mongrels STDs. They are experts in fauxkaki, a bukaki knock off consisting of the Vagina Mongrel in the middle of several boys jizzing only in the eyes and ears of the Mongrel.
I was involved in some trickeration from that Vagina Mongrel! Now my cock is on fire, Thanks Sara!
by japirish February 02, 2009
Two females of small stature in the proffession of life saving that, when intoxicated, ruin the lives of the public population. Drunken hurricanes are known to achieve the ultimate state of drunkness and run rampant through the downtown area of Colorado Springs. These said drunken hurricanes have been known to break inanimate objects and cause injury to otherwise healthy people. These hurricanes wreck house, and prior to anyones knowledge, disappear to the next bar.
Dude, where did Michelle and Lacey go?! They broke a bunch of shit, bruised my sternum, and bit my nipple! They showed up... wrecked house.... then left! They were like effin drunken hurricanes!!!!
by japirish December 29, 2009
a blond jewish french canadian who enjoys scavenging for cock. cock vultures are widely known for their terrible decision making skills, therefor, the cock that they recieve is rated as substandard. However, in any attempt to displease a cock vulture will result in catching the herpes and a painful death involving an auger and diposal of the body in a silo.
sara is the president of the cock vulture coalition in all of french canadia
by japirish January 09, 2009
a blonde hooker who likes pearl necklaces and the dirty sanchez. most people would refer to her as sara. without an "h". sara is a closet lesbian who keeps action figures in her panocha, also known as her "cookie pocket". Don't ever trust the FCW's!! she's a jew bag
sara is a raging jew...stupid french canadian whore!

by japirish August 10, 2008
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