17 definitions by janine

A poodle on crack who goes into vicious mode at will.
holy shit!!!! Crackrat killed Kenny!!!! You bastard!!!!
by Janine April 11, 2005
a dick suker, or girl who sucks dick.
ill that elshadiyah just came out the car wit like 20 niggas. i think she was givin them heady wops.
by janine April 22, 2005
when keyana or a person forgets to take a bath.
yo son you predicamently n you stink!
by janine April 22, 2005
the awesomest word that's absolutely random. it comes from the word burger, for absolutely no reason. you can use it when you're pissed off at something, or when you're happy. it doesn't matter!
1-Jemmy: 'dude. i hate you.'
Ishmael: 'BURGEHR!'

2-BiGeorge: 'i won a zillion dollars!!! BURGEHR!!!!!!!!'
by Janine April 01, 2005
doing hard drugs (meth to be specifc)
i heard chris is jibbin it up tonite
by Janine December 09, 2003
Pants you wear for the sloppy dance.
I was doing the sloppy dance wearing my sloppy pants.
by Janine April 29, 2005
a crap store that rich little preppies shop at. it is despised by all people with common sense.
'dude. abercrombie is retarded.'
by Janine April 01, 2005

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