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school more prestigious and well known than most colleges. students seem normal until you compare them to kids from different schools and realize they're just weird.

they will merge mainstream slang & words like "like" w/ SAT words and are kind of hard to understand if you arent one of them but waay cool.

most of the girls are goodlooking, and aren't exactlty "nerds" but most get good grades.

equal ratio of extremly hot guys to guys so ugly you can't even look at them.

science kids can be easily identified by other sciencites, even if they've never seen each other.
"Omg! I was at like the Bronx Science against Clinton basketball game & a guy from clinton missed when he threw the ball while standing on the parabola that's on the court."

"yo I'm so pissed. I broke my new TI 84 silver addition running from a seagull on campus today"
by janie B January 14, 2007

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