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The cheapest beer at 14-0. $2.99 for a six pack of tall-boys. "It doesn't get any better than this!" (it doesnt get any CHEAPER than this.) My favorite beer (price)
j: im going on a beer run, need anything
d: heres 12 quarters, six pack of the OM
j: mmm Old Milwaukee
#beer #nati #skunk #funk #cheap
by jamsalot May 03, 2007
the slowest buffalo is the chick at the bar, when you walk in, that you KNOW you can take home and have your way with. the chick that is down for anything, usually overweight with too much make-up. gives a good meaning to the phrase: "Hey, I may not be good looking, but I put out." One thing that is very important if your going for the slowest buffalo, is that you have to consume a remarkable amount of alcohol to go through with the kill. usually slurring words and a blunt pass such as, "heyyyou, you wanna fuck?" will work just about every time.
Rizzle: yo jammin, you see her over there? i think i'm gonna go in for the kill.
Jammin: goin for the slowest buffalo?
Rizzle: its a distinct possibility
Jammin: SHOTS!!!
Rizzle: If your buying!
#hogging #fat chick #slow child #drunkenness #beer goggles
by Jamsalot January 24, 2007
what all fans of the team up north can do: GO BLOW (replacement of go blue, the fag-chant of michigan fans)
(Ohio State fan's bumper sticker) M: GO BLOW
#go bucks #michigan blows #muck fichigan #fuckers #dirty
by Jamsalot January 24, 2007
a person who always thinks that the people that call them on their cell are more important than anything that they are doing/where they are, also these people wont answer you when you ask who is on the phone, will frequently make you wait around when you have to be somewhere because they "dont have enough bars" and have to charge their piece of shit phone. this person also makes sure you hear every word of their conversation and shows off to the person on the other end of the meaningless conversation.
jay: whos calling?
dooshbag macphearson:(one finger held up) "Ah what up playa!"
jay: cellphaggot
#cell #playa #annoying #loud #stupid idiot
by Jamsalot January 25, 2007
the painful outcome while dryhumping: a bit of skin from the dick gets caught in the teeth of your zipper from the inside of the jeans.
i was going to go all the way but after i got zipper dick i was too sore to move.
#jean dick #blue balls #dryhump #fingerblast #sonofabitchbastard
by Jamsalot December 26, 2006
the same as 'nigga' is to 'nigger' nigger is an ignorant person, niggas are tight people, or a legit person. a ginger is a fucking retard who is a firecrotch doosh, commonly wearing glasses and sunscreen thick on the nose, never goes outside aka: a daywalker. gingers get the shit kicked out of them by tight people. 'ginga' is a red-headed tight person who beats the shit out of lesser people, smart humans do not mess with gingas, they are thugs who dont show it from their skin/hair, likely to carry a glock without you ever expecting it, not afraid to kick your ass.
Brian: Haha, look at that ginger, what a firecrotch.
George: nah man, be careful, that dude's a ginga, you can see his piece stickin out, he'll fuckyaup
#daywalker #ginger #red-head #thug #nigga
by Jamsalot January 24, 2007
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