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Evvy, noun and adjective; is an awesome individual with a cracking yet unusal name. Their talents lie in acting, cooking, modesty, modeling and they play a mean tuba of other such instruments. People with this name tend to be accident prone and have many story tops to prove so. They are tall and pretty damn hot. They tend to hide in the shadows as natural skin complection acts as perfect camoflarge as they hunt their prey. They can also go by a number of nick names such as; elmo (as they are generally muppets), possom and muffin etc. On a whole they rock your socks!
see? thats an evvy
by jams26 August 12, 2010
By definition stands for Silly Nigger In Town. It is a term frequently used to highlight the stupidity and outlandish behaviour of an individual without drawing attention to ones self.
What a snit
by jams26 August 12, 2010
Ross is the name of a vertically challenged individual who is often very clumsy. Any person who goes by the name of Ross can also be referred to as "parki" or has parkinsons as with a general spazam this person will drop, smash, spill or generally cause havoc and hilarity.
Ross you plonker you've fallen over and split my beer!
by jams26 August 12, 2010
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