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One who has sexual opprotunity all around him/her but fails to utilize it.
Wow, he sure is a retsal for not using his sisters friends!
by jammno January 27, 2004
Nub who spends too much time playing Halo:CE than Halo 2.

Was owned in the CPL by jammno. Has since killed himself by throwing his body into an active woodchipper.
by jammno January 13, 2005
The original word started on Warcraft III by the great jammno in which he shouted "ROFLCOPTOR" has he owned newbies on Warcraft III.
jammno: My roflcoptors pwn joo!!111
by jammno October 12, 2004
The world renowned champion of the popular Mortal Kombat fighting game series as of 6/14/04.
Wow! jammno barely defeated JOP in the MK 2004 finals!
by jammno October 12, 2004

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