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noun. (an addition to "The Shit List")

This is any kind of shit that you take while you are punched in (clocked in) at work. Lunch hour and coffee break shits do not qualify.
"Thought you might have fell down the toilet since you took so long in the bathroom?"

"Oh no, I just needed to take a nice "on the clock shit"!
#on the clock #shit #taking #take #crap #shat #shart #sharted
by jamminspacey January 24, 2010
noun. (an addition to "The Shit List")

The kind of shit that seems to create it's own weather system. While taking a shit, your butt cheeks feel like they are flapping in the wind when the shit comes out.
"Did you hear the big crack flapper shit I just had?"

"Yes, it sounded like you were ready for take off!"
#crack flapper #take #taking #shit #list #the shitter #shat #shart #sharted
by jamminspacey January 24, 2010
Acronym that stands for "Fuck Off Rudy".

A discreet way of responding to an insult and/or telling a rude person to "fuck off", "leave me alone", "get lost", or "go fuck yourself".
"man, you can be such a dumbass!"

#fuck off #fuck yourself #go away #leave me alone #get lost
by jamminspacey January 23, 2010
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