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8 definitions by jamie leek

A large person who sweats from their ass during P.E. causing a large wet stain on the back of his shorts.
Ew. It's big dude sweaty ass.
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A large person who has a staring problem, but when he stares his face slightly resembles a Harlequin baby.
AH. It's big dude scary face!
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A large person with little hair that looks very out of proportion compared to the rest of his body.
Look! its big dude little hair!
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A large person who always wears black shorts with a white stripe down the side.
wow. its big dude black shorts.
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A large person whose legs are very fat and "beefy". They are also known to have terrible body odour and they wear tye dye shirts almost everyday.
ugh. It's big dude beefy legs.
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A big dude is a person who is large in some way. There are 6 types of big dudes. They are: Big dude little hair, Big dude sweaty ass, Big dude scary face, Big dude beefy legs, Big dude Black shorts, and Big dude stubble face. There is also another kind of dude that links to this referred to as Little dude gender confused.
look over there! it's big dude sweaty ass!
by jamie leek June 02, 2008
A shorter person who is slightly confused as to what gender he is. He will usually be unsure of which line to go into when genders are told to be separated in gym class.
Haha. It's little dude gender confused.
by jamie leek June 02, 2008