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A person that is under the influence of methamphetamines and is in the middle of three projects at the same time none of which will ever be completed.
I watched Johnny search through his bag with one hand while making something with the other,he is such a tweaker.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
A person that can't stay still and is constantly occupying themselves with meaningless activities which will never be be completed.
Tim is working on one of his tweaker projects in the garage.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
A girl that likes methamphetamines and sex so much that she spends the majority of her time in front of the mirror applying layer after layer of makeup so she will look good for sex.
My tweaker slut roomate was in the bathroom for eight hours yesterday putting on makeup.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
When a parolee does not check in with his parole officer or abide by the conditions of his parole and is sent back to prison over and over as a result.
Johnny has been incarcerated five times in five years this is called recidivism.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
what needs to be done to an empty pipe.
My pipe is empty it needs a fillups.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
A napkin or rag used to wipe off the black stuff on the bottom of the crank pipe.
Cassie used a crankerchief to clean her glass dick before she took another hit.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
Methamphetamine induced stupor.
After she hit the glass dick she was so loopy she was spun drunk.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005

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