18 definitions by jamfetto

The disease that effects more that 50% of social platform users. The onset is slow but eventually the subject has their head bonded to another and their image is posted as their profile page.
My friend suddenly became a victim of Siamese Profile Syndrome and is now connected to their significant other..it's a shame.
by Jamfetto June 22, 2009
A legion of bony skeletons with an affinity for hollowed out volcanoes.
While searching for the key to the volcano the robotskeletonarmy rested eating cheesy crackers.
by jamfetto March 10, 2010
A video or film that purports information using a method that people in general believe to be in a format that provides factual information.
We watched a program on television about a historical event and found that the information was in error or not true. What a fakeumentary.
by Jamfetto June 06, 2010
One who uses hate words to attack others on Twitter.
Sound's like Twa - waiter.
That person is the biggest twatter. They never post anything that is positive or rationale just hate.
by jamfetto March 19, 2010
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