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Another way of stating that you're Out of Office .
Dude,I'm Three O for the week catch ya later.
His/Her Three O is still on .. we need to text him/her to change her status..
by Jamfetto October 14, 2008
The state a child or young person adopts upon receiving extraordinary news or is simply elated.
She received news that her best friend was going to be in town for the whole week and without warning just went coo coo bonko but that was to be expected from an 8 year old...
by Jamfetto December 22, 2008
What you utter when a small animal such as a Rabbit crosses your driving path or when you see an animal in traffic.
The rabbit crossed the road and my wife yelled out,"GO GO GO BUN BUN". "Missed it by that much", I said.
by Jamfetto March 25, 2009
A term used in disgust when describing something you really don't want or had to do.

Butthay, I really liked the suppository they gave me just before the procedure!

Butthay, we didn't have to sit in the sewage that long!!!

by Jamfetto March 24, 2009
The currently unknown factor that gives certain brands the competitive edge over another when compared with identical markers.
It's amazing how XYZ Company when compared to 123 Company don't match up evenly. 123 blows XYZ out of the water but XYZ has that brand pheromone working for it...yea baby.
by Jamfetto February 23, 2009
The act of giving someone a "thumbs up" or one that gives theirself a thumbs up on a website.
No one was giving me a thumbs up on my report so I used the old thumbuptomy.
by Jamfetto April 06, 2009
short for you're a friggin (or your "F" word of choice) idiot. Used for those who support idiotic ideas.
I was watching cable news listening to someone and the moderator should have just said ," YAFI YAFI YAFI".
by Jamfetto October 10, 2009

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