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When all options are exhausted.
I've given them every idea imaginable but I think I'm fishing a dead pond.

by Jamfetto August 08, 2007
That hesitation people have after leaving the drive-in window to check their order.
I hope this person doesn't McStop on me after this order.

Look at that,he did a McStop and all he ordered was a drink.

by Jamfetto August 08, 2007
Those that follow the request(s) by Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report blindly changing wikiality to his way of thought ever changing historical truth. Oh well it's a better way to go than what we've been doing ..
Pronouced "WICK-EE-BEAR"
The wikibert comes out and changes reality at the request of it's leader.
by Jamfetto February 03, 2007
When people go to a fast food restaurant drive-in and ask for specials..no tomato,hold the bun leave the lettuce,not too much..etc etc. All the time holding up the entire line.
That dude is just "talkin to the box" where does he think he's eating Red Lobster?
by Jamfetto August 08, 2007
An individual who has no other point in life but to add information to people's wall, comment on everyone's images,presume that everyone cares about their specific point in life.
I didn't want to be rude and just axe the person from my frlend's list just because they're a faceoholic but they are testing my limits.
by Jamfetto December 15, 2008
The common solution for companies when addressing any incoming Tech Call which is to completely restore a system to it's original state with no regard to information previously stored.
I incorrectly installed a driver but when I called tech support they wanted me to recover the entire system and they didn't even attempt to find an alternative solution. Wow, the typical IT Solution hits again..
by Jamfetto December 22, 2008
A location where anyone can create,edit,or change truth into sounds that resemble monkey sounds. Whem entries are completed a sound such as "oo oo ah ah" is created and eventually a novel monkey is born.
"oo oo ah ah" oh..that's the monkeypedia sound I heard after finally editing the passage in War and Peace on my Monkeypedia site.
by Jamfetto January 08, 2009
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