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A bullshit religeon that apparantly bases itself on love and compassion towards people, yet they hate everyone who isn't mormon, especially african-americans and jews. Some weird saidist by the name of Joseph Smith founded the cult that deems itself christian but is not universally considered as such. It is also a highly supersitious religeon that believes in odditys' such as becoming a god when one dies if they are mormon faithful. The truth of the matter is Joseph Smith has no hard evidence for what he witnessed and the people that believe him are gullible and brainwashed. He was also a racist cracker and just wanted a method to make his followers into sepratists. Most mormonites are believed to have an intensified localised population in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is where the cult was founded or what obscure records give rise to.... HHHAAAHAHAHAHA.
Jan: Have you ever heard of a mormon.
Lars: Yeah they believe in some strange stuff that contridicts what they geniunly believe in which is based on no hard evidence at all.
Jan: Yeah mormons suck ass.
by james segelov August 20, 2006

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