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When rednecks get too excited and you can't understand a fucking thing they say; also associated with truckers and the british. Most common when they are drunk, sleepy, or want a cup o' tea.
Redneck: God damn, did you see that cow, standin in dat der field wit da rickymaw, and hahaha, ooh shit, where ma keys, rickymaw my eh bah...

Trucker: Niner niner 4 3, we got a rickymaw, dis is big papa bear- rickymaw, ha ho hey, and the driver and he is rickymaw...

British: good golly ol chap would rickymaw the tea and crumpe- rickymaw, burnt moi dick.
by james o'harris September 08, 2010
The action of fucking one with ones knuckles, most likely in the asshole, however, this can cause ripping in the anal walls, so lube up and avoid practice if knuckles are extremely bony, or you have a constant twitching problem, and or phobia of blood.
We were so drunk last night, she let me knuck fuck her.

I totally ripped her a new asshole, but it was her idea to knuck fuck.
by james o'harris September 09, 2010

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