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A person who goes to a store and asks for a discount on an already discounted item
Yo Vlad, you see that "Patel" over there? Give him that 2% discount and call it a day.
by James Werdsbond July 15, 2010
To put together an ingenious plan or to blueprint a clever idea.

~The name "Scofield" is taken from the TV show Prison Break, where Michael Scofield always had a clever plan in each episode.
To "pull a Scofield".

Kevin: Did you hear about Dan getting out of work early today? His plan was brilliant - he pulled a Scofield!

Jay: Oh, word? You got the scoop? I wanna try.
by James Werdsbond March 18, 2010
An Italian way of saying "What's the matter with you?"
Hey paisan, you taka your bum friend and get outta my housa! Wassamarayou?
by James Werdsbond April 27, 2011
This term refers to a place of business where management is crooked.

*A business which doesn't value its employees.
Yo Jay, I got a new gig at this place doing IT.

Oh, werd? Congrats! Make sure they ain't Cravath my dude...
by James Werdsbond December 04, 2010
Another name for HTZ (Hawaiian Tropic Zone). Locations: NYC and Las Vegas.
"Yo Greg, wanna check out Talent City for lunch today?"
by James Werdsbond May 25, 2008
A straight guy who is raised by two gay parents and then later himself turns gay.
Yo Oscar, check out this fuckin' cockbred sunovabitch ova there! Poor guy can't get a girl to stay at his crib 'coz his dads are always pluggin' it in the other room...
by James Werdsbond December 24, 2010
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