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A nerd way of succinctly ending a rant typically on an internet blog or message board. By invoking a semblance of programming code, the nerd hopes to appease fellow nerds with a chuckle, while also disarming readers with a framing device to lesson the impact of their prior inflammatory words.
..so that's why george lucas having kids ruined the entire star wars franchise for the rest of us. /rant.
by JambaJews January 11, 2009
The person in the office that everybody sleeps with (or on).
It’s not a surprise to me. Pam -is- the office mattress.
by JambaJews December 23, 2008
While a male is urinating and has the urge to fart, typically in a work bathroom, and times his fart with the urinal flush to mask the noise of the fart.
My boss came in the bathroom and peed in the urinal right next to me. I had to lay one so I used the old fart flush so he wouldn't hear.
by JambaJews April 24, 2009
After watching The Dark Knight, you settle into a depression because of the realization that no movie will ever be as good again.
Man, I was watching Tropic Thunder the other day and it was kinda funny, but The Dark Knight was a million times better. I'm just gonna go watch it on IMAX so I can beat this Post-TDK Depression.
by JambaJews December 22, 2008
The Safeway supermarket on Market & Church streets in San Francisco, near the Castro district. The food shopping venue of choice for many fashionable young men. Bring your best threads and cutest French Bulldog!
Broseph: Dude I was at Club Safeway just trying to shop when I got the hairy eyeball from all these guys!
Brohammed: What section were you in?
Broseph: Produce, I was buying bananas
Brohammed: Well no wonder! At least you weren't peeling cucumbers!
by JambaJews December 28, 2009
Male chest hair that resembles both a whale tail and an eagle.
Avery: Hey check out Derek's chestal hair...it looks like a whale tail!
Brian: No way, it looks like an eagle!
Derek: Actually, you are both wrong. I am the wheagle.
by JambaJews February 06, 2010
San Francisco, CA. Where the summer is as cold as summer is in New Zealand mountains.
Ernie: Man, it sure is a hot summer day here in Fresno, how about you Bert?
Bert: I have three layers on dude, i'm in the southern hemisphere!
Bert: ...you know, San Francisco!
by JambaJews September 23, 2009

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