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Some that is sorta homosexual in nature. A bit on the femanite side.

fagity plus gayish
Man those guys where acting really fagacious.

Will and grace is a fagacious show.
by jamal Sims a.k.a Jmazing June 08, 2005
Comes from the cartoon the yogi bear show. Boo boo was yogi sidekick and was always made to feel stupid or made the punchline of jokes.

1) Used when someone has done something, and feel foolish afterwards. Or 2) when someone is acting childish or foolish
1) Man after i drove 100 miles ot see that girl and i found out she gave me the wrong address i felt like boo boo the fool

2) man stop acting like boo boo the fool im trying to impress this girl
by Jamal sims A.k.a Jmazing October 24, 2005
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