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3 definitions by jamaica55

An avant-garde, but increasingly accepted form of sexual role play in which people of different races consensually reject all political correctness (especially verbal) and propriety in favor of sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

racist chic niggersex
Q: (furtively) "You into race play at all?"
A: "Yeah, call me yo NIGGER APE - makes monkey's dick jump like crazy!"
by jamaica55 July 19, 2009
Q: "Do you like B & D?"
A: "Sure, tie me up, then whip me good all night long."
by jamaica55 July 21, 2009
Sexual role play between black and white men in which all political correctness (especially verbal) is abandoned in favor of sexual pleasure and fullfillment.

Racist Chic
Q: "You into race play?"
A: "Yeah, absolutely, love it?"
by jamaica55 July 18, 2009