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Women wear jeweled dicks. Often done by lesbian hoes to get each other off. The jewel is said to bring magical qualities to the experience.
Susie: Hey Mollie, put on that jeweled dick and ram me good and hard!

Mollie: Okay hun, here goes!

Susie: Ohhhhhh...... (orgasmic pleasure abounds)
by jam masta July 08, 2004
A company that produces a number of edibles, especially in the dairy department. Check your local supermarket!
Morning Glory Milk is gooooood!
by jam masta July 08, 2004
Osama bin Laden - absolute crazy jag who is only interested in destroying the best nation in the world, the USA! OBL must be caught, sodomized, and killed for all the world to see. Osama is the worst man to live, period.
"Don't you dare think of pulling an OBL on me, you hear?!?!"

A gay ass sand smoking cave dwelling faggot who calls himself a man for the chosen ones.
by jam masta July 08, 2004

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