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52 definitions by jakestar

A phrase in which "big men" from Texas (see George W. Bush) will use in defense of their state.

Little do they know that it was a slogan coined in the 1960s by Ladybird Johnson in a highway beautificatoin campaign. So when you hear some macho cowboy say this, what they mean is "Please dont litter in my state."
I'll mess with Texas all I want! I just won't defenestrate my garbage.
by JakeStar April 21, 2005
78 69
The Daily Show and The Onion. Thats about it.
When CBS has an "intellegence failure" and does an anti-Bush story, 4 people loose their jobs and Dan Rather's career is tainted.

When George W. Bush has an "intellegence failure," we pre-emptively bomb a country, 1,500 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis die. He says "Oops," gets re-elected.
by JakeStar April 25, 2005
490 482
Not a song by The Who. Try Baba O'Riley
"Teenage Wasteland is my favoirite Who song!"

"I'm afraid I don't know that one"
by JakeStar May 04, 2005
19 12
To leave, or prepare to leave. Popularized by an episode of Family Guy, where Peter says it.

See also, bounce, dip.
Well, I had better saddle up.
by JakeStar July 16, 2005
21 15
One who "lands" a job in the cubicaled and carpeted higher ranks of a buissness or company after starting out at an entry level position.
Bill started working at the brewery five years ago, now that carpetlander is a sales rep!
by JakeStar August 05, 2005
5 2
Said when a CD skips, sounding like a techno remix of the song.
"We jammin' jammin' jammin' ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja"

Whoa! I didnt know Bob Marley did a remix of "Jammin'"!
by JakeStar June 02, 2005
20 20
1. When refering to a female, beastly means she is just that. A beast you would not want to go anywhere near.

2. When referring to anything else, it simply means large or impressive.
1. I would not go near that beastly she-bitch, not even to talk to her hot friend!

2. That is one beastly truck you have there.
by JakeStar August 17, 2005
22 26