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A discarded condom floating in a river or lake. Often referred to by the body of water in which they are found, i.e. Lake Michigan Whitefish.
The MIT crew team rowed past a school of Charles River Whitefish.
by JakeStar April 19, 2005
An last-ditch (and usually failed) effort to make something more "x-treme." Usually met with failure and disgust/hatred on the part of the audience.

Taken from an episode of The Simpsons where the creators of The Itchy and Scratchy Show add Poochie, a rapping surfer dog to the cast.
General Greivous was George Lucas' Poochie.
by JakeStar July 30, 2005
GM's attempt at making an environmentally-freidnly vehicle.
With gas prices skyrocketing and our environment being destroyed, GM didnt make a hybrid car, but rather a slightly smaller, slightly more efficient H2.
by JakeStar April 05, 2005
A run-down boarding house for bums, hobos, and other transients. Not used anymore.
"Get those street-Arabs out of my shop and into the flop-house where they belong!"

Angry shopkeep, c. 1890
by JakeStar July 18, 2005
Spinoff of VH1's hit series, I love the 80's, it consists of semi-celebraties reminissing about the not-so-distant past. Has a very misleading name. Should be called "I thought the 90's were kinda cool when they were happenening but now is the ideal time to make snide remarks about them"
Semi-celebraty: Braveheart is about Mel Gibson painting himself blue, and leading the Scots to victory. Isn't that wacky?
by JakeStar May 04, 2005
The first massive gathering of college freshmen after about half a semester at college. Sometimes occurs on Columbus Day weekend, more often Thanksgiving weekend. Named because everyone attending is wearing a hoodie representing their respective college/university.

Pastimes include embelishing college experiences, reminesing about high school days, and hooking up with old high school crushes.
My favorite hoodie party game is "Which chick gained the most weight?"
by JakeStar November 19, 2005
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