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Born John Graham Mellor on August 21, 1952 in Turkey.

He gave himself the name Joe Strummer because although he was left handed, he learned to play guitar on a right handed guitar, therefor he could only do the strumming chords.

Pre-1977, Joe was in bands such as The Vultures and The 101ers.

However, he is best known for his work in the punk rock band, The Clash. He wrote most of the lyrics, and shared vocal duties with co-band member Mick Jones. The Clash lasted from 1977 to 1985. They released several great records, most notably "London Calling".

In 1995, Joe signed onto Hellcat records with his group, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.

Joe died on December 22, 2002 of heart complications.

In my opinion Joe is one of the greatest musicians of all-time, and was a really great guy. RIP Joe
Billy: Who is Joe Strummer?
Me: An amazing musician whose life was cut short.
by jake jackson December 30, 2005
The man George W. Bush uses to manipulate the masses.
Billy: Who's Christ?
Me: Dubya's favorite character.
by jake jackson December 30, 2005
Born Jason Dean Bennison in 1973, he became popular in 2005 after winning "Rockstar: INXS" and becoming lead singer of the band INXS. Recently they released the first album under JD's vocals. It's called "Switch". It's a slightly less the mediocre album in my opinion.

Billy: "Who is JD Fortune?"
Me: "New lead vocalist of the band INXS."
by jake jackson December 30, 2005
A decent Australian band that formed in 1977. In 1997, their lead singer Michael Hutchence was found dead of an apparent suicide (although many say it was an accident). Then the rest of the band decided they needed to make a reality show called "Rockstar: INXS" that aired on CBS. Several different vocalists competed to be the next lead vocalist of the band. JD Fortune won the competion. Shortly after, they became a boy band and released the album "Switch", with the single "Pretty Vegas".
Billy: "Who is INXS?"
Me: "A decent band during the 80's, but are now pretty much a boy band that sucks."
by jake jackson December 30, 2005
Holding up the index finger and the middle finger up. It sybolizes peace. It's very strange though. I live in Indiana. A place full of Bush-loving, war-supporting people. Yet, it seems that they love to hold up teh V sign. Someone needs to tell those hicks the meaning of the V sign.
Billy: "Why is that war-loving hick holding up the symbol of peace, the V sign?"
Me: "Because he's a bushtard.
by jake jackson December 30, 2005
Something that "$LAYER" and other religous people continue to deny in incredibly lame fashion.
Billy: "Why don't people realize religion is obsolete and misleading?"
Me: "Because people are stupid and they don't understand thee concept of evolution."
by jake jackson December 30, 2005

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