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The act / face of being surprised.
OMG I didn't know he did that! :O
by Jak Dude May 05, 2005
A dedicated server is a computer that only runs one type of server software, and is usually constructed according to the user's specifications. Dedicated servers are typically used for web sites that have high traffic, and need many resources and much processing power.
Man, my site needs to get a dedicated server!
by Jak Dude May 06, 2005

POP (post office protocol) account is an actual E-mail box located on the server for which the address is made. When E-mail is sent to a real POP account, the mail is stored on the server until the user logs in with their E-mail software and downloads it.
You can use mt site's POP.
by Jak Dude May 06, 2005
A chat room is a virtual room where people can communicate in real time while on the Internet. Users type their messages with a keyboard and the entered text will appear on the monitor, along with the text of the other chat room visitors.
I talked to Jak in the chat room yesterday and he sounded mad.
by Jak Dude May 06, 2005
The text face of being confused.
um... err... what did you say? '~'
by Jak Dude May 05, 2005

Text face of meaning greatly confused, shocked, or surprised.
OMG! The boogie oggie man just ate Jak! *o*
by Jak Dude May 05, 2005
A Web designer is a person who creates web sites. Web designers may use Web-authoring software or an HTML editor to create the actual pages, or they may design the overall look and let a Web master do the actual coding. Most often, they are also proficient with Web graphics and images.
if you can't make a layout for your site than maybe you should hire a web deisgner.
by Jak Dude May 06, 2005

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