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2 definitions by jajajajajackmyswag

The most badass bitch you'll ever meet. She has an odd obsession with pictures of people with animal heads, but she's the greatest nonetheless.
- "That chick was such a Tessa!"
- "I know, man, I've never met such a Tessa in my life."
by jajajajajackmyswag July 10, 2011
22 15
1. A word that can be used for pretty much everything. Can be used to name things such as unnecessary debris or clutter around an area or object, or just anything plain nasty. 2. Also can be defined as just "stuff" or "things," or 3. can just be used in place of a curse word.
1. "Ew, Corey, you're covered in titicaca!"
2 or 3. "There's titicaca all over my bed so you'll probably have to sleep on the floor."
2 or 3. "We have to do a bunch of titicaca tomorrow so we have to get up early."
by jajajajajackmyswag July 10, 2011
8 10