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Home to like 99% of the jews in nj...i've never seen so many jappy girls wearing sevens, true religions, hudsons, marc jacobs, prada, lv, gucci, fendi, and pounds of diamonds...the guys walk around looking japier than the girls. theres no specific group of stoners since every single kid is on drugs. the parents have to much of a life to argue with their kids so they give them their credit cards and tell them to max them out...short hills thinks their better, but they don't hold a candle to the jappiness, snobbiness, or amount of money as people in livingston...it is basically the upper east side of new jersey and reeks of wealth. Everyone has the sickest bodies even if their not born with them, they'll get trainers and nutritionists as soon as the get a pinch of fat on their bodies. The student parking lot filled with range rovers, bmws, and mercedes trucks makes the teacher parking lot look like a junkyard...if you live in this town and are not jewish your asain and only hang out with asians...teens start smoking at 13 and once the hit freshman year don't go a weekend without getting stoned and drunk...your placed in a social group by how much money you have and how good looking you are. the cops don't do anything but sit on their asses and drive around busting the parties. the marjority of kids have 4.0 gpas and go to top 25 colleges even if their not smart cause daddy will donate millions just to get u in to the school of your choice.
This town is the greatest town in new jersey, and yes it sounds like the most disquisting obnoxious place, but really its amazing.
its not uncommon for girls in livingston to have more than 1 nose jobs
by jaj1345 November 14, 2005
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