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Ruthing:V: useless iritating!!; unnecessary interuptions without apology. insincere, over abundance of compliments to gain poitive social acceptance of colleagues. office affiliated onlyl; COMPLETE lack of social skills and ablities and comprehention. holds a masters degree with no known ablity to write or comprehend any simple or advanced theory in buisness managment. running up and down the damn hall way. attending to matters not of your buisness.over exageration of talent!! overly confident,grandiose recognition of self in comparison in to colleagues. posessing the exemplary skill in one naroww critical job responsibility. A BOLD FACE LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and closest to "chicken little syndrome" that exsists in the human race.
Ruthing;standing in the door way talking for 10 min about nothing
by jagermeister amigos June 28, 2009

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