113 definitions by jaffaw

what she does when I've been a good boy
last night I got a suckandfuck, perfect.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
going for a wank in the toilet,
you were in there a long time, were you having an armitage wanks
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
A fashion nazi, someone who defines alternatively oneself and others by the clothes they wear.
I see your shoes man,


do you still have the receipt for them?
don't be such a fashionist
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
A jacket that bin men used to wear, very heavy felt
My wife wanted a fur jacket so I got her a donkey jacket.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
contacts are important, helping people is too, but giving people want they want is best
it's not what you know, it's who you blow
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
to describe that one would like the music turned up
crank that shit up, are you a dj or a ho?
by jaffaw July 21, 2009
when you either have sex or a wank and nothing comes out
i had three wanks today and the last one i was batting a dry one, nothing came out
by jaffaw July 16, 2009

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