113 definitions by jaffaw

when the area described has no hoes in it
why are you going there, it's a no hoe zone, all you'll get there is a dirty look from a blind beggar
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
porn that is set in the 60s showing free loving in detail
I was watching an old vintage porn film. I was I was born in the 60s, there was some Hippie smut going on.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
A jacket that bin men used to wear, very heavy felt
My wife wanted a fur jacket so I got her a donkey jacket.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
A fashion nazi, someone who defines alternatively oneself and others by the clothes they wear.
I see your shoes man,


do you still have the receipt for them?
don't be such a fashionist
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
to describe that one would like the music turned up
crank that shit up, are you a dj or a ho?
by jaffaw July 21, 2009
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