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A past partner lets your friends or current partner know how good or bad you are in bed.
My ex-girlfriend is going round telling everyone how good I am in bed and how much she wants me back,

excellent sexual reference, it won't be long till you get your next sex job
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
Someone who has become famous on the internet.

Someone who has become famous through the internet.
I was watching a video online, there was this guy who is such an Internet Legend, you have to watch them
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
what she does when I've been a good boy
last night I got a suckandfuck, perfect.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
describes how much hash is in the hash bank.
How's the hash-flow man, are we high?
by Jaffaw July 12, 2009
having anal sex with a white girl,
her parents are all, white picket fence and white house, last night i went to the back door at the white house with her.
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
Wanker of the week is the guy who is most annoying, irritating of the week
That guy is such a Wanker, in fact he's the wanker of the week
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
when piss flaps have a overly wet feeling, possibly after sex
I was banging away and I couldn't get any traction, she has such soggy piss flaps, I just wilted.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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