113 definitions by jaffaw

The run you do for some weed, when you've run out
Dude, we've run out, I need to go on a hashdash,
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
giving any idea or item a sexual overtone
So we get a newspaper and to give the guys something to look at, let's put some tits on Page 3,

wow, excellant consexualising

So beer, how do we make appeal to guys,

consexualise that one
girls, girls girls,
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
A term used to describe Kabbalah in a derisory fashion
Kababalaah is such a crock,
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
An office where gay people work
It was heaven in my homoffice, so homoexotic
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
what cums out when you have sex, can somethings refer to a business like sex transaction.
I met this girl and things were so boring having sex with her was like a meeting with an outcum at the end
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
each orifice has a taste,
I was down licking and this sexual flavour was devine, like heavenly, never tasted anything so sweet
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
I rash you get off the stubble of someone who hasn't shaved for a few days as their a bit grubbly
i got white rash off this trailer park dude
by jaffaw July 14, 2009

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