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A "colalella" is what you call a staunch supporter of Roman Catholic Christianity. Other attributes inherent to a "colalella" are an extensive knowledge of the romance languages , an appreciation of the sounds of construction, a love of classical church composers of demonic music, militant conservatism, a fear of the Risen Lord, and an appreciation for traditional rituals. A 'colalella" also MUST be fascinated with imperial Rome, the festiva of unarmed dancing, and all great monuments constructed if Marble. The "colalella," however, does not live solely in the past. He appreciates such things as churning butter, in addition to the song "wanna be my lover," by the 80's singer, La Bouche.
That guy is so old-school, you'd think he was a colalella.
by jaelka May 01, 2008
How a certain gnome-like, oddly clothed brooklynite pronunces "filthy."
A house full of filfy girls!? SIGN ME UP!
by jaelka April 30, 2008

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