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What you tell a fat girl that you just F'd when she goes to take a shower.
When Carla goes to the bathroom to take a shower tell her to "Take it easy on the soap" because last time she used up the whole bar of soap in one shower.
by jaehoal jones June 19, 2012
When you go out with ALL your co-workers to lunch including your 20 year old younger brother who works as an intern with you. Then when the place you go to says, "We only server people over 21, are all twenty of you over 21?" Then you say, "No." and make everyone have to go somewhere else to eat.
Server: Hi everyone is everyone over 21?
King Douche: No my brother isn't
Server: Well I'm sorry we can't server you at this establishment
Mr. Plus: Wow what a douche move, why didn't you just say yes we are all 21. He wasn't going to drink any way.
by Jaehoal Jones October 31, 2012
When you are skiing and crap you pants cause you cannot stop to take a shit.
Jay: Awwww man i just made a ski biscuit in my pants cause we are so far away from the lodge.
Tyler: Don't worry about that man i made a ski biscuit after lunch.
Jay: Its 4 o'clock, lunch was at noon
Tyler: Yeap
by Jaehoal Jones July 24, 2012

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