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3 definitions by jady

1. a small pouch (convenient for traveling) connected by horizontal straps that are encircled around the waist, fastened by a buckle/button of some sort. suitable to contain any type of small traveling/hiking/photographing necessities
-called 'fannypack' because the bulk of the pouch rested on the (hindquarters) fanny (see american usage... or british if you prefer).
-typically seen resting on the front/back of tourists, however there has been a spotted trend amongst the hipster type where the fannypack is worn off to the side (a slight diversion from it's usual appearance)

2. a neo-slang term referring to an excess of stored of fat in the posterior region
1. "Timmy,we're going to disneyworld today, so put on your fannypack"

2. "Damn that dude/chick has one hell of a fannypack"
by jady September 21, 2004
41 10
-slang phrase for 'raking it in'
(coming up with or producing an excessive amount of income/winnings)
-an imperative phrase, also slang; (usually the recipient is the one responsible for cleaning a pet's litterbox/cage)
"yo man, Donny went to Vegas and he was rakin that shit" (verb form)
"Mary, you besta rake that shit before the cats start using your laundry pile"
by jady September 20, 2004
6 1
to remove or readjust an offending article of clothing (usually an undergarment of some sort) lodged in between the cheeks of the posterior region
-eugh, what are you doing, Mary?
-sorry man, i had to diswedge...
-well, can't you diswedge somewhere in private?
by jady September 27, 2004
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