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The stage of an "under-the-influence" experience where one wanders in aimless circles for any given period of time, particularly around an object such as a couch or a table. This sort of perpetual, stoned circling looks much like a sheepdog's constant walk around a herd of animals. One who is affected by a sheepdog high is often too lost in thought (or dopamine) to notice their behavior, and therefore it continues until someone points out how weird they look or until the individual realizes it on their own.
"Greg was totally sheepdog high last night; he wandered around the coffee table for, like, twenty minutes before Steve asked him what the fuck he was doing."

"I got wayyy too baked last night, I kept sheepdoggin' around the living room for no reason."
by jadopotato November 04, 2009
A term used to describe oneself when one is far too high.
When Jamie fell off her chair and started licking the carpet, it became apparent that she was rather apple-pie-in-the-sky.

"Dude, I was soooo apple-pie-in-the-sky last night! All I wanted to do was eat pineapple and touch peoples' arm hair."
by jadopotato November 04, 2009

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